Traveling to other countries has always fascinated me. I love having the opportunity to explore people, places and things through my photography.

Unless you specifically travel on a photography trip, shooting can be a nagging and frustrating experience. On a dedicated trip with other photographers you plan for a shoot with specific purposes or themes in mind, i.e., churches, people, landscapes. The only difficulty for me is to keep up with the schedule and adapt to changing circumstances. Sometimes, the days can be exhausting, but very rewarding. When you return to your hotel and download the images to your computer, lots of surprises routinely happen. “I nailed the shot or I really missed a good one”!  “Wow, I did’t even notice that part of the frame. I am thrilled.”


When you travel with friends with the objective of visiting many places, the task of shooting well is very difficult if not impossible. Either I am frustrated with the pace or our travel companions are frustrated with me for taking too long. However, more than not, I have very taken striking images on the run. 

I have always enjoyed photographing our travels for the historical value of having a photo journal for the beautiful places we visited. 


In either case, for pleasure or professionally, I cannot resist recording as much as I can. We often sit and just enjoy showing the trips as slideshows on Apple Airplay TV. It doesn’t hold the romance of holding a photo album on your lab and casually paging through the book. Digital technology does offer the opportunity to review hundreds and thousands of images anyplace, anytime without having to lug albums around.