I love to watch and study people. Details are the most interesting aspect of every person. Capturing the specific personality and feeling of the subject is the primary goal. Translating them into a special image is the basic challenge. Every person has their own very special characteristics. Discovering these characteristics, interpreting and then recording the individuality is very rewarding to me as a photographer. I find that even though I can see very strong, interesting and attractive features it is most difficult to capture the look in the image. I especially enjoy street photography. In street photography there may be only split seconds to record the subject or subjects in the venue which generally consists of movement, light, shadows, focus, perspective and opportunity. Sometimes it happens and sometimes no matter how hard you try, the result may not be what you expect. Conversely, some of my most satisfying images are almost a knee jerk reaction with the hope that all technical elements are right. Then, when the resulting image is good or excellent my level of satisfaction is overwhelming. "I can't believe I nailed that shot". Shooting in a studio or staged venue is interesting but does not interest me nearly as much as the challenge of shooting people in real life under sometimes difficult conditions. Most of the time I ask if I may photograph the person or people. The tendency of everyone is to "pose". I find that the result is generally nominal. However, I have learned to wait for the subject to return to a non-pose and then I shoot again. This is when I find the result I was hoping for. Everyone is special. Young, old, attractive or unattractive, each person is beautiful. I try to capture that beauty each time I shoot a frame.