Action is the most exciting venue for me. My challenge is to anticipate and even see the shot I want long before it develops. Whether I am shooting a rodeo, bull riding, calf roping, skate boarders, swamp buggy races ,small or large birds, boats or airplanes, seeing the future shot is always the goal. Most often the shot doesn't emerge or my shot was slightly out of focus. However, even under the most difficult conditions (thick dust and low light in a bull riding arena) I may nail one or two keepers. You can plan and have all the camera settings right yet miss the money shot or the tack hard focus. I find that my adrenaline is pumping every time I shoot action. So many factors come into play that interfere or interrupt the best image. Every shoot confirms the incredible value of digital cameras. Aren't we lucky to be in the digital age and yet have the perspective and experience of shooting with film for all but the last fifteen years. There is action in every scene and subject. You have to develop the ability to pick out the interesting and critical elements that can produce a great action image.