Ken has been interested in photography his whole life.  After a 48 year career as a business owner and investment advisor, he is now devoted, full-time, to his photography. 

Having children who participated in sports and dance afforded Ken many opportunities for action photography.  With his wife, Kathy, he has actively enjoyed gardening, fly fishing, hiking, sailing, cycling and kayaking.  All of his favorite activities have exposed him to the wonders and beauty of nature and provided him the opportunity to explore photography.

Through his business experience and his love for perennial gardening he learned to be patient in order to capture the best results.  At first, photography was simply a hobby and a way to retain precious family memories.  But as Ken began to study techniques and new technologies he became fascinated with the possibility of creating a unique image.  He has been enthralled with catching just the right light on a blossom, the morning mist on a trout stream or the sunset after a storm. 

Ken made the transition from 35mm film to the digital format over 15 years ago.  Since then, he has produced thousands of images from all over the world.  He is fascinated by the limitless options digital photography provides.  Ken says, “I see everything in a whole new way.  Digital photography allows me to photograph people, places and scenes that come alive in exciting color and light”.

Capturing the moment, the time and the place has long been Ken’s passion.  He has spent nearly 50 years studying, learning, growing and experiencing the beauty of life and the world through his photography.