Wow! What can I say about the excitement of shooting wildlife, two or four legged, large or small. It is awesome!  Photography, for me, puts me in the moment of complete and uninterrupted concentration. It is a refuge from the crazy world we live in every day. I am always fascinated with each and every type and species of animal. I try to study the animal itself for unusual features, traits or movement patterns. Sometimes I quickly recognize the movement patterns and then try to set up for the next set of patterns. For an example, birds will land or fly into the wind. If they are facing away from the wind while on a limb, I may have to move for a better shot when they turn and launch. I have staged landing patterns for my bluebirds so that they have to flair before entering the birdhouse. I can set up and wait for the precise moment when the bird turns and capture the shot. These kinds of images have been award winning for me. Larger birds are less difficult because they generally move in consistent patterns at slower speeds. Eagles, for example, will glide for long periods of time allowing for multiple opportunities to capture the shot. What fun!!!!!! Large cats of all species fascinate me, to no end. There is always an interesting angle or perspective. Close up zoom of heads, faces, eyes can be very rewarding. Many times I am shooting for one look and when I review, I find another terrific perspective emerges with just a bit of cropping. Catch light in an eye can be incredibly interesting, many times. The tilt of the head or position of the ears can evoke a very different response for the viewer. Regardless, when I spend the day shooting wildlife with some of my best photographer friends I come home exhausted, excited and having developed more experience and skill then when I left home.  Even the dullest day can be and is incredibly rewarding.